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10 Best Fonts For Crafting - Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Designs

November 22, 2017 4 Comments

The difference a font can make in a design is huge!  Choosing the right font can make or break the final product. The right font can crank it up to 11!

Just like getting a sweet job is sometimes all about who you know, getting the right fonts is all about what you know. By the time you get done scrolling this article, you will be equipped with the best fonts in the game.

Behold! My favorite 10 fonts that you simply can't design without.

1. Allspice

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This stylin' font comes with everything you'd expect: the full uppercase and lowercase alphabet, 0-9, punctuation, and over 200 accented characters for multi-language support.

One of the cool things I like about Allspice is that the lowercase and uppercase letters are of the same height. Mixing up your capitalization's allows a lot of unique styling options. It kind of has a retro feel to it that I like!

Allspice Font

2. Pinsetter

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This font comes packaged with three different hand-lettered fonts. They cleverly call their sets "littles, middles, and talls". You can mix and match them together and they will always look seamless and cohesive. This font gives off a fun, informal, and energetic vibe!

Pinsetter Font

3. Tilapia Sans

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This font is perfect for quirky and fun designs. What really sets this font apart are the glyphs and catchphrases that are included. The theme is underwater beachy; with fish, water splashes, and a lot of other accents. I also like how some of the letters are filled in, such as the middle of a's and p's. It also comes with a courtesy bag of frozen tilapia fillets (not really).

Tilapia Sans Font

4. Scamper

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This cool font is reminiscent of the hand-drawn lettering you see in comic strips. It is slam-packed with value! You'll get 5 different font varieties in this one package: Regular, Snowy, Heavy, Outline, and 3D.  Each of the 5 font styles comes with 300 accented characters, too. There is a boyish charm to this bundle that makes it irresistible!

Scamper Font

5. Mossy Rock

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This fanciful font delivers smooth, curvy letters with a huge dose of fun! You'll get a set of 3 different font styles, each of which comes in two font weights. The first set gives you the basic letters to start your design with. The second set ratchets up the "wow" factor a little bit and offers a bit of quirk and swagger. The third set goes buck wild and leverages wild loops and ocean-like waves. If using a font can be called fun, then this is it!

Mossy Rock Font

6. Horseshoes & Lemonade

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This font claims to be inspired by vintage 50's and 60's design elements, and they nailed it! It looks exactly like something you'd see on a 50's burger joint sign or an old black-and-white commercial. The letters are all capital, with the lowercase characters providing a more angular and tilted variation. The package offers two types; one where the letters are encased in skewed rectangles (as seen below), and one without the borders.

Horsehoes & Lemonade Font

7. King Basil

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This font packs a mighty punch! It has 421 glyphs! It also has 24 different ligature sets, and 163 accented characters. The letters are hand drawn in a cursive, sweeping style. This font has so many different glyphs that you will be able to reuse this font again and again. And...there's something weirdly strange about the name of this font that makes me hungry. I don't know what's up with that.

King Basil Font

8. Samantha

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The Samantha font series is one of the most beautiful and expansive fonts around. This font bundle gives you more value for your money than any other one out there. Over 1000+ letters come as part of four different styles: Samantha Upright Pro, Samantha Italic Pro, Samantha Bold Upright Pro, and Samantha Bold Italic Pro. There's also over 100 ornaments and catchphrases that are worth a good bit of money by themselves.

Samantha Font

9. Jumbuck

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Just saying the name of the font makes me laugh. Making crafts for the people you love with this font is going to make them laugh, too. This font emanates a fun and hip vibe. There is a good mixture of smaller line-height letters and taller ones. The ligature sets that come with Jumbuck really make this font stand out for me!


10. October Twilight

I like this font because of the scripty twirls that it has. On some of the capital letters, the twirls that come off the letters kind of look like pumpkin stems. I wonder if that's how the font got it's name? You get 230+ glyphs including full sets of uppercase and lowercase A-Z, 0-9, letters, and punctuation. With the variety of glyphs you get, there's no doubt you'll find just the right tweak for your design.

Purchase Here!

October Twilight

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Ashley Hagan
Ashley Hagan

March 08, 2019

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Ans Engel
Ans Engel

November 24, 2018

What is the price?

Ans Engel
Ans Engel

October 20, 2018

These are beautifull . What is the price ?
I like them

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